1 Effortless Exercise That Is A Total Game Changer

If I asked you what it the biggest thing that keeps you from your fitness goals how would you answer?

​Likely it would be any of the most popular reasons like: I’m too busy to workout, I don’t have the time to cook or meal prep, I’m always on the go so I grab convenient food that’s not so good for me, I’m too tired after all my other responsibilities like work and family, I always gain the weight back so why bother.

​It is also likely you fall into the category of never finishing the program you set out to start, you compromise with a cheat meal that then becomes a cheat day and then, “I just let loose on the weekends,” and then you forgot your commitment to the program all together.

​Or maybe like so many others, you hit a wall and it seems like there is no more progress and it becomes difficult to see it through because it’s just not working for you anymore.

​So you try something else, something new and you are in a perpetual loop of always trying the next thing.

​If this is you, you are not alone. This is most EVERYONE!

​What I am about to share with you right now will change EVERYTHING.

​It will change your whole mindset allowing you to somehow find the time, energy, willpower, self discipline, and strength to push past the discomfort and ultimately achieve BREAKTHROUGH…

​...it will allow you to break the hold of mental and physical binds that have been keeping you in that perpetual loop and never look back.

​It is this simple and I hope that the crazy simplicity doesn’t kill your vibe. That you got super pumped for this new next best thing and you’re all like uhhhhh that’s it?

​Don’t shrug this off like duh, I knew that and move on. Really take this in and consider taking the Challenge at the end of this post.


​Meditation. Yup, you heard me. It will CHANGE EVERYTHING. This is why and how...hear me out

​It is said that your thought control your words. Your words promote your actions. Your actions create your habits. Your habits develop your character and your character forms your destiny.

​So if you can change your habits you can change your character. And if your character is that person we described in the beginning, the one not achieving their fitness goals because of all of those common excuses listed above, then we can change that by changing our actions.

​We change our actions by changing our words and we change our words by FIRST changing our THOUGHTS.

​Then our destiny will not be the frumpy mom always meaning to get her bod back. It will be the hot mom that looks like that sh*t came easy.

​That’s a lot to take in, I know. And it has the potential of making your brain hurt. I get it! Stay with me. I’m going to tie it all together.

​Next we are going to take a look at our habits. Remember it is our habits that form our character.

​It is said that doing something consistently for 21 days forms a habit. It is also said that in 30 days of being consistent with a habit you see a difference in yourself, in 60 days the people closest to you see a difference in you and in 90 days is noticeable to the world.

​In the fitness community this is proven by exercise.

​If you adhere to a fitness program consistently for 30 days you will 100% see a difference in yourself. In 2 months your friends will ask you what’s different about you and in 90 days you will have transformed.

​I know this to be fact. I, and many others that have completed 12 week challenges with me, have proven this.

​The Challenge is this. To create a habit of controlling your thoughts. In doing this you will ultimately change your destiny to be that hottie mommy we talked about earlier.

​You know the one. The one you want to judo chop in the throat for seeming like this motherhood thing is so easy and looks so good on her. You may not know her in real life but you sure as hell troll her instagram. It’s cool girl, I got you.

​Why? Because your thoughts control your words. Your words promote your actions. Your actions create your habits. Your habits develop your character and your character forms your destiny.

​How to control your thoughts you ask?

Meditate. Meditation is an exercise that will ultimately make you mindful of your thoughts. The benefits of meditation go way beyond that. I am totally dumbing it down for the sake of keeping this a blog post and not a dissertation.

Tuesday nights at 8:30 est I have been holding a pajama party on World Momination FB Page Live. Last Night was week 8. 

​We are talking about how this principle of our thoughts can change our character and the 30/60/90 day habit forming plan can change our destiny and we are testing it.

I'm not surprised that we are all finding it to be true.

​Let’s be the women we know deep down we can be, both in character and booty gains.

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