Monthly Archives: March 2017

You+Food @nF <3

Many of us have pre-concieved notions about our relationship with food that is controlling our ability to get healthy. It is keeping us in that place of, “Nothing ever works for me,” and “I’ve tried everything,” because whether we believe we can or believe we can’t, we’re right. It’s not really our fault tho, is […]

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Everyone Loves A Winner

The average gym membership costs almost 60 bucks a month and 67% of those memberships go unused. Just because you quit going doesn’t mean you quit paying. Pretty sucky statistic, aye?Does this mean a Gym Membership is a bad investment? Well, not to the other 33% who are going. To them it is the best […]

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Fit Fam

I had this idea one day when I was sweating balls on the stair master.  I had just smashed a personal best back and biceps day, and hopped on the stair master to finish off with some fat burning cardio. While I was dripping sweat, trusting that the next step would come, I was watching the […]

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