Hi, I'm Katie and I believe all moms have untapped and overlooked power.  I have come to find that it is my life's purpose to supply women with the tools and support they need to feel like the virtuous women we are all intended to be, exposing that power to the world and in doing so, becoming a movement that shapes the world.

I always prayed that God would show me my purpose. Always kind of felt lost and figured what better thing to do with my life than what I was made for. I was always wondering if this or that was what I was supposed to be doing. Always working hard and doing well-ish but never really feeling fulfilled.  He has shown me a glimpse.  I am so grateful that he is unfolding his plan for me one step at a time.​ When I started my first fitness challenge I didn't know that it would lead to something so incredibly fulfilling and as substantial as my life's purpose.

Changing my shape was a way for me to see things physically transform while practicing my will power and strength ultimately transforming my mind and spirit too.  It made me look at things in a different way that was so powerful that it has become a spring board to a journey I have never been more excited to take.

I am about to be 36 years old and I am a mother of two boys. Daniel is a teenager, about to start his freshman year and David is 13 months with many serious food allergies.  My SO's name is Dave and we have been living together for a year.​ I am the keeper of our home and I also work to make a decent living. During my work hours, I have child care for 4hrs each day. I am the typical working mom of 2. I  have challenges and I have blessings and for the most part I keep it together for my family.

Daniel and David

When I started this weight loss journey I was 6 weeks postpartum. At that time I still found it difficult to stand straight up. I found myself often crawling fro​m room to room because of the sciatica pain and separated pelvis. I also blame the 3 epidurals they had to give me because the 1st was administered wrong and the 2nd one only worked on the right half of my body and the 3rd was pumped with such a high potency med I didn't get feeling back in my bottom half for 24hrs.  I also returned home from the hospital with a serious kidney infection that left my lower back in shambles for weeks.

I was 212lbs when I gave birth and 188 lbs at 6 weeks postpartum.  I got some pretty deep stretch marks on my hips and abdomen with my first pregnancy. I was 21 years old. This second pregnancy at 35 gifted me fine line stretch marks all over my butt and boobs with some deeper ones on the inside of my thighs.  I felt like a blob of giggly, loose, squishy, shit. Even though everyone was like, "you look great," I didn't feel that way and secretly wanted to kick them in their lying teeth.

188lbs - 6 Weeks Postpartum

Everyone was like, you look great! I wanted to kick them all in their lying teeth. I felt like a blob of jiggly, loose, squishy, shit.


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I had to do something about it. I had to take control of my life. I had to feel better about myself. So when my doctor gave me the green light to start exercising I posted on Instagram and started on this journey.

I was eating healthy and working out with cardio exercises 4 days a week. I was really busting my ass working seriously hard. I was losing weight at the rate of .9 lbs a week. I know this because on January 11th, when I started my first challenge I weighed 168lbs. So all that hard work, sweat and time spent in the gym lost me 20lbs in 22 weeks.

August 2015/January 2016

At this point I was proud of where I came from but totally frustrated with how long it was taking and how much of the good stuff I was passing up. I was constantly exercising and refusing food. Like, skipping the venetian table at weddings kind of refusing. I still felt squishy and was tucking my flub into spanx to feel the right kind of curvy. I was researching different techniques and trends for weight loss and experimenting with all of them. I was making many mistakes and claiming some victories. I was learning what worked and what was a waste of time and energy.  I didn't want to be passing on the desert cart forever. There was a better way than depriving myself of calories and sweating it out on the elipitcal and I was going to find it!

I stumbled across a post somewhere on one of my fitness research binges and it advertised a 12 week fitness challenge by a company called Labrada. One of the advocates of the program was a woman named Jaime Eason. I had been following her on IG and really admired her dedication through and after pregnancy so I decided to sign up. They offered a sample meal plan and explained a diet technique that involved counting macronutrients. I had never heard this before. I trusted the process and did the routine as told making moderations to the lifestyle of a working mother of 2. I also started to follow the diet plan. I researched everything I was being told and have learned a great deal about the science of our bodies. As the weeks went by I made adjustments and added my own know how from all that previous research and came up with a system that has not only caused me to lose 30lbs in 12 weeks but also keep it off, become better and better everyday, and never again HAVE to pass on dessert. It also caused me to win 1st place in this national competition and place top 25 in a world wide competition called 250k Challenge hosted by Bodybuilding.com.

Through out the 12 weeks I was participating in accountability group discussions. I took progress pictures every 2 weeks and weighed in every week. I posted these pictures to the group. It didn't take long for other women to take notice of my progress. I also learned through these same women the hang-ups and stumbling blocks others were facing. I was receiving countless messages from women all over the country asking me for advice. Even though it made me feel friken' awesome getting the gratitude of responsiveness from my fellow mommies, it was becoming a part time job! I was literally spending at least 2hrs per day responding to messages!

I decided to start my own FB accountability group for those women who wanted to participate in an 8 week challenge using the guidelines I used myself to lose the 30lbs in 12 weeks. The results are astounding. (Be sure to check out the Testimonial Page to see what some of those women had to say and to see their progress!)

I can't describe in words how this whole thing unfolded so perfectly. The timings of each challenge and success and opportunity just right for me to compile it all in such perfect, step by step, instruction and explanation.

Now available for any Woman who wants to look and feel like a dominant force in this world.