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You are worthy.

Sometimes I doubt myself. I’m unsure where this energy comes from but it’s usually when I’m on the verge of breakthrough. I have also noticed that I have been talking about breakthrough ALOT lately. These times in my life have been the most rewarding but also the most challenging. So many times I wanted to quit. […]

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The Best Comfort Foods

In this video I share with you something you’ve probably been doing that has been sabotaging your diet efforts. In fact you may feel like you are doing the BEST thing for yourself. It happens when you don’t feel well. What is your Go-To food when you’re sick? Those who are in my private Coaching […]

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All Scales Are Made In Hell

Did you weigh yourself today and yesterday? Do you plan on hopping on the scale first thing in the morning when you feel the skinny?There is an obsession in our culture about being lighter. There is a so much power in the number that looks back at you on the scale that you will have […]

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4 Ingredients to Happiness

Good health and happiness go hand in hand. They have a mutual relationship where they actually depend on each other.  In our daily hustle it’s apparent for most of us that our health is the first thing to get put on the back burner. For many it fades into the background and is given no […]

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