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Digging For Clues

Despite LP’s words of reassurance that I was important, my feelings of inadequacy grew because of his behavior. My heart wanted to believe him but my head was like, “wtf you stupid girl!” This is where my digging for clues came into play and I went in on his IG HARD. I looked at the consistencies […]

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Face Time Romance

Just like Hank LP still watched all my snaps and IG stories after standing me up. I know because I checked. I should have just left the man hanging when 2 months later, he challenged me via video post on IG to run a marathon with him.  I wasn’t special. He called out two more […]

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I Realize I’m Sick

I talked about Hank to no one. I knew deep down that having any type of relationship with him wasn’t the right type and I didn’t want the feedback or to admit it to myself outloud. But when it ended so bizarrely I talked to a couple people, a bottle of wine deep, and I found […]

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Hank’s Final Hour

I was seeing Hank pretty consistently after that. Maybe 3 times a week and texting throughout the day every day. Still, he wasn’t inviting me out with his people and never inviting me to his apartment. We always ended up back at mine or starting there and never leaving. A few more dull (but a little […]

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Hank Jr.

I don’t really remember all the details concerning Hank but there are a few noteworthy things. Let’s start with the first date. Hank texted a lot. When it was confirmed that we would be going on a date he asked often about what I wanted to do. He suggested dinner and drinks initially and then as […]

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Slip Into My DMs

When I got a fb message from Hank the week after I broke up, I wasn’t surprised. Then the add on snapchat, 15 likes in a row on IG, and the ol slip into the DM a couple weeks after that.  In fact, when Hank and I first met it was through friends on a […]

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