Everyone Loves A Winner

The average gym membership costs almost 60 bucks a month and 67% of those memberships go unused. Just because you quit going doesn't mean you quit paying. Pretty sucky statistic, aye?

Does this mean a Gym Membership is a bad investment? Well, not to the other 33% who are going. To them it is the best investment they could have made because they are improving their health, mind, strength, will power, self control, stamina, confidence, self esteem, and overall quality of life.

Countless articles are advising against making this investment because of the staggering failure rate. But ummmm, really? Telling people not to even try because the odds are against them? Where is the confidence in humanity?! How about empowering people to keep the odds in their favor?! Besides, nobody likes a quitter.

Instead of giving up, what if I could offer you a way to safeguard your investment by teaching you ways to ensure that you go to the gym. To guarantee that you are a part of the 33% changing their lives and not the 67% who are growing in debt and circumference.

One proven method is the motivation that comes from having a workout community. But no local ordinary gyms are offering this. Except if you join a Cross Fit type gym but for that you are looking at over $100 a month investment. The downfall of the Cross Fit type gym culture is that they create this distorted view on what is necessary to be healthy. So, the commradery is proven effective for the motivation needed to get your ass to the gym but the tough love and insane Olympic workout requirements is a turn off to normal people.

Fit Fam has created both an online community that will give you that team spirit while allowing YOU to decide what your goals are and what your level of workout should be.  In fact, Fit Fam gives you a library of workouts to choose from complete with demo videos you can follow along with right on your phone. Choose YOUR level, choose YOUR goal, and then choose your suggested workouts.

When you have completed your workout you can take a screen shot, post it to the private group page and earn incentive prizes for posting! If you are hung up on a certain exercise or have questions about any of the moves you simply post the question to the page and one of our Certified Personal Trainers will answer you.

You can check in with your new Fam members and create virtual workout buddies. This is a great means of accountability for those of us that don't really like working out with anyone but could use the nudge of someone counting on us to be there. The alternative to a virtual buddy is finding your Gym Twin. This is a person you have found in the private group with similar goals and ability as you that goes to your gym. Fit Fam is going to be offered in many private gyms starting with Iron Fitt Gym in Fairfield, NJ. Pretty Cool, huh?

There's more. There is so much more. This is just the start of how FIT FAM safe guards your gym investment and ensures your weight loss and fitness success. Enter your info below to secure your spot for FIT FAM's first FREE orientation and become part of the 33%. *Space is limited*

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