Face Time Romance

Just like Hank LP still watched all my snaps and IG stories after standing me up. I know because I checked.

I should have just left the man hanging when 2 months later, he challenged me via video post on IG to run a marathon with him.  I wasn’t special. He called out two more people too.

It was a ridiculous request being that the marathon was only 6 weeks away so I declined the challenge but still, I answered. This opened up communication again. LP regularly chatted with me via snap and IG until finally phone numbers were exchanged and he started Face Timing me.

This was a full blown Face Time relationship. I call it a relationship because this went on for another 2 months! 2 months of Face Timing me at least once a day, just to bullshit while he worked or on his commute home or before bed after the gym or all of those times. We really spent a lot of screen time together and I was wondering when tf was this guy gunna ask me out?!

Till the day came that he did. He asked me if I wanted to go to Philly with him and a friend or the weekend. He said he booked a ballin’ suite in a boujee hotel and it would be cool if I came. What kind of first date was this?

I was hesitant and thought it over and decided to go. Oh btw...this friend of his was a woman. I found out on our ride down that she was a woman he dated back in the day no less.

LP made a group text between the 3 of us that we conversed in together leading up to the weekend. Everything seemed cool until the day we were leaving came and the friend backed out. She had a sore throat.

LP said, I’m still going regardless and would I still come with him. He would pick me up at 3 and I said ok. I didn’t hear from him till 4. I still went. I’m realizing I was just that desperate.

So finally he rolls up and I get in the car. We drive to Philly and he serenades me all of the Disney Movie Classics he knows. I swoon. We get a flat tire on the way and I can tell he totally wants to bitch. He wants to post about it. FML type shit and I talk him down. I like that he was able to be influenced to woosah and not advertise his misfortune. Double swoon. Luckily we were super close to the hotel so he parked the car on the rim in the lot and we decided we were going to wait till we checked out to fix the tire.

We get into the hotel and immediately go to the bar. He pays for a round we drink and then gets another for us to take up to the room.

The suite was beautiful. Super artsy with a Japanese soaking tub and awesome views of the city. I was happy. LP was snapchatting about live your best life and treat yo self and whatever while I was unpacking. I could tell he was careful about how he referred to me in the posts and thought that he was purposefully trying to keep me out of them.

So we got ourselves together and we headed out for sushi and karaoke.

We ate and sang and drank and he paid. Eventually we made it back to the hotel and changed to go out dancing.

This whole time, whenever LP would catch me in a light he liked he would snap a picture of me. I liked it. He thought I was beautiful and he showed me without having to say it. I felt it. Some of the pics were posed. “Stay right there,” he’d say. And some of them were candid. Of me laughing while conversing with strangers or sitting by a window looking out at the city.

Manifestation #12: He takes pictures of me

So far we see how I ignored red flags and justified them with all the ways I swooned. Why don’t I think it’s possible to have the things I love in a guy without the things that a person shouldn’t stand for?

Anyway, the night goes on and we had a blast. Met new people, made new friends and ended up back at the hotel enjoying each other.

The next episode learn about how we handled the tire debacle and some of the dark skeletons I uncovered about him. I had a feeling he was a weird one. Always trust your gut despite how many pretty pictures he takes of you.

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