I had this idea one day when I was sweating balls on the stair master. 

I had just smashed a personal best back and biceps day, and hopped on the stair master to finish off with some fat burning cardio. While I was dripping sweat, trusting that the next step would come, I was watching the whole gym floor. The view from this one particular stair master in my gym is birds eye and I can see the whole place from there.

I was watching everyone workout. Some confident, some grunting, some who clearly go right to the bench and do chest all the time. Some that looked really bored, some kinda intimidated and unsure, some doing more talking than working out, and some taking detailed notes in spiral notebooks. 

That's when God spoke to me and planted this Gym Accountability kinda thing in my creative brain. ​One thing lead to another and now I am proud to introduce ya'll to FIT FAM.

FIT FAM is a supplement to your gym membership. It is designed to keep you amped, interested, accountable, and most of all showing continual progress toward your weight loss and fitness goals. 

It's like having a personal trainer, weight loss coach, nutrition coach, and gym buddy in your pocket.​

Click here and learn how to safe guard your investment and know that everyday you will have that same confidence and determination you had the day you signed on that dotted line.

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