How To Be in the 8% Who Achieve Their New Year Resolutions

Ok so check it out.

It is only 1 day away to 2017. Right about now you are probably solidifying your NYE plans and reminiscing about what sucked during 2016 and how you are so, totally, going to change that this coming year.

Let me tell you a little that I have learned about New Year Resolutions.

  • 48% of Americans make resolutions every year
  • 38% of those resolutions are weight related resolutions, making losing weight the number one resolution.
  • Only 8% of all people who make resolutions actually achieve them. In fact...
  • Only 50% of all people who make resolutions even remember what they were at the end of the year...I’ll give you a hint. It probably was to lose weight!

Every year we tell ourselves that THIS year will be different but stay in a perpetual loop of setting goals and tip toeing around them.

You will go super hard for the first 3 weeks but slowly dwindle after that and fall victim to accepting the excuses.

Now let me tell you a little that I have learned about how to be part of that 8% that achieve their NYR Goals.

  • Make sure your goal is S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-Oriented, Time Based)
  • Get a mentor, coach, or accountability group. Why this works: You're human-you're bound to fall back into old habits, procrastinate, or lose motivation. To counter these things, your chances of hitting a specific goal increase, like whoa, if you're getting frequent feedback that will keep you on track and help you to adjust accordingly. I talk a lot about this in my 7th tip to lose weight.
  • Set Goals In Writing. Why this works: The physical act of writing down a goal makes it real and tangible. You have no excuse for forgetting about it. When you write use the word "will" instead of "want" or "might."
  • Make an action plan. Why this works: By writing out the individual steps, and then crossing each one off as you complete it, you'll realize that you are making progress towards your ultimate goal.
  • Consistently take steps toward your goal everyday 1 step at a time, avoiding multitasking. Like Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do.” Are you a svelte, go getter, crushing goals? Heck yes you are (if you repeatedly work toward it)

So now here is my question. Are you one of the 48% that make resolutions? If you are, is one of them to lose weight or get fit? If the answer to that is yes too I have what you need to be one of the 8% that achieve their resolutions this year. Let me explain…

By joining my program your weight loss/fitness resolution goal will become SMART. Why? Because there is a step in the program that walks you through your own personal specific goals and how to measure them with specific instructions for progress tracking. There are further steps that explain exactly how to achieve the goal using a results-oriented method AND it is 100% time based at 12 weeks! Your goal will be specific with measurable results and able to be achieved in 12 weeks. BOOM.

When you join my program you will have an entire group of women working toward their SMART goals supporting you when you want to fall back into old habits, encouraging you when you want to procrastinate, and motivating you when your motivation has run low. You will also have a Coach (ME!) giving you DAILY feedback that will keep you on track and adjusting specific things to your specific needs accordingly.

One of the steps in this program is to post your goals. This is done and tracked bi-weekly leaving you with no excuse for forgetting about them! AWESOME

This program is a complete step by step ACTION PLAN. Individual steps you get to check off as you go. No guess work. Just follow and check and you WILL SUCCEED!

Bonus: In completing this program you will have formed a habit of fitness that just comes easy to you, that your body, mirror and new pair of going out jeans will love you for. Your results will be sustainable for your lifetime because this will have become a part of who you are by default.

Here’s the deal.

When you join this group in your NYR quest to lose weight and get fit and you do what the plan says you WILL be transformed in 2017. Hands down.

Click here to pre-register. Prep week starts January 1st.


If you're anxious to get in the group and review the content now click here to enroll.

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