Keep Me Hangin’ On…by a thread

After Philly LP went right back to his Face Time dating ritual. During these talks he would get intimate (no, I’m not talking about phone sex). He would open up and we would talk about personal things. Relationship things. He told me I was the only one he wanted. He told me he had deep feelings for me. I told him he was growing on me too.

Three days after we got back from Philly was Valentine’s Day. I thought for sure this man who I had such a romantic adventure with the weekend before and who told me I was the only girl he wanted would have planned something. But each day leading up he didn’t ask. And the day came and he didn’t call. He called everyday. But not this one. The important one. I was crushed.

I responded by telling him exactly how I felt about it in the next day’s Face Time call when he called me as if it nothing happened.

Manifestation #17: Valentine’s Day is never nothing

I said to him that I felt less than what he was saying because the intimacy in which we were carrying on day after day warranted an “I appreciate you” moment on the National Day where lovers tell each other they appreciate each other. Can I get an amen?! Seriously, IDC how commercialized it is. So is Christmas but you don’t see yourself sitting that one out, do ya?!

He responded by saying he was sorry and he would make it up to me. His idea of making it up to me was coming over my place on a Sunday, putting on a movie and falling asleep in my lap for 2 hours. Awesome.

From that point till I went away on a vacation in Arizona things were just not really enough. He did just enough to keep me around, still told me I was the only one but some things were just not sitting right in my gut.

Like the way he posted on IG. He would allude to things that peaked my wtf muscle so I started doing a little digging.  

Next blog find out the shocking crap that I found and what led to our break ups (there were 2 back to back). 

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