Key To Build Confidence And Achieve Your Personal Goals

There are many plans to reach your fitness destination. It's okay to decide that this plan or that plan is not for you and move on to something else. BUT you must commit to 12 weeks before you move on. Let me tell you why.

There are walls you hit in any area where you try to better yourself. Fitness is included. You will learn to identify the walls. Mental walls, spiritual, and physical. Getting yourself in shape will challenge each of these areas. Each of them with their own walls. Some people are stronger mentally or spiritually or physically so each individual will have wall encounters in different areas at different times.

What is important is sticking through the plan even when these walls are encountered. Turns out that these are the times most people decide this or that plan isn't working for them and quit or move on to something different. BUT busting through those walls is where you will experience breakthrough and that is why you must commit to at least 12 weeks. I will explain why 12 weeks is the minimum commitment a little further in the post.

Identifying the walls will be difficult as well. Remember you are transforming, changing, and going through a metamorphosis. Just as muscle growth occurs the same will happen in personal growth such as will power, patience, and self control.

A muscle grows by applying weighted pressure in a push or pull motion repetitively and consistently until it tears apart and then repairs itself.

Think of the other areas where you feel pressure. Think of other times when you fell pushed or pulled. Other times where you feel a weight on your shoulders, so to speak. During these periods is where people quit or try a different approach. Fitness will test each one of these areas. It's not just physical.

You will feel mental pressure pushing you to do something uncomfortable like cardio or weight training. You will feel other pressures of people pulling you from it like your friends and fam saying, "one won't kill you." You will feel the weight of failure to commitment should you quit or the weight of added responsibility of getting your ass to the gym and meal prepping. Your spirit will find a reason to quit because it is afraid of the unknown.

The good news is in tearing down these walls is where the growth of breakthrough happens. Suddenly you will be seeing things in a different perspective and what once seemed impossible is now a walk down Rodeo Drive.

That is why you must commit to 12 weeks. Your individual reason can not see anything in a different perspective and you will not be able to until the breakthrough is achieved. Breakthrough cannot be guaranteed unless you commit to 12 weeks.

WHY 12 WEEKS? It's a physiological science. A proven formula that is the same for every person. it is a law that creates thoughts to words, words to actions, actions to habits and habits to destiny.  This law states that if you repetitively and consistently do 1 thing for 90 days (12 weeks) it becomes a part of your being and is integrated into who you are mentally, physically, emotionally, and/or physically.  If you don't give 1 thing a chance for the full 90 days you will not know if it works to change you. If you are constantly switching plans and approaches you are constantly starting the habit/destiny forming process all over again keeping yourself in a constant state of that push/pull weighted pressure of trying to tear down walls never actually feeling the breakthrough we need achieve autopilot. A consistent state where this isn't hard for you anymore and is just a part of who you are. Hot as hell and totally in control.

We are creating better physical habits to change our physical bodies and our mental limits. These habits will give you the form that you have always dreamed of, heal health issues, strengthen willpower, self control and have an over all effect on the confidence you have in yourself causing you to change your perspective of the world and how the world views you too. It will make you attract and recognize opportunities where the old you would have said, "I could never!" You will have the courage it takes to move on those opportunities making the world your oyster and living the life you always wanted.

Join me in my 12 week challenge program and start the process to changing your destiny to what you have always dreamed but thought you could never.

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