Luc-Pierre “The Role Player”

At my grandfather’s wake my teenage son thought it would be nice to start a Tinder account for me. This is because his uncle would hand him his phone and say, “Here, swipe for me.” Bobby would judge women for his uncle and thought it was a cool way for me to start dating again. Plus, Bobby really didn’t care for Michael’s dad and wanted me to move on...quickly!

We sat together mourning Grandpa and Bobby downloaded the app to my phone, created my profile and linked it to my IG.

“There,” he said, “you’re back out there.” He also took the liberty of swiping for me and would randomly grab my phone in the couple weeks that followed to continue the search.

I forgot the damn app was on my phone until I noticed way too much male attention on my Women’s Fitness IG account and deleted the app 2 weeks after he installed it.

It had been almost a month since the break up from Michael’s dad. I went for a haircut and posted a pic to my story. Luc-Pierre messaged me telling me I was cut​e. I responded,“TY.” In the weeks that followed Luc-Pierre would say little stuff here and there and I stayed disinterested until I saw a post on my feed that interested me. It was a man posting about a solo journey to Germany to find himself and I thought it was admirable. I clicked on the poster’s profile and it turned out to be LP.  So when LP would msg me from that point on I responded with a bit more than acronyms.

From there he showed interest in one of the groups I run on FB and I added him as a FB friend, and we started conversing pretty regularly. This lasted 3 months. Through the time I spent with Hank and when Hank ended up ghosting me I decided to fish for more intimate contact from LP in the form of a FB post and it worked.

Manifestation #10: I never have to fish for attention

It’s a simple hook. I used to use when I was fishing for attention from a certain person. It’s the damsel in distress post. You know the one where I post about needing help with power tools. Which isn’t a lie. Anyway, LP was all over it and messaged me that he wanted to help me with my home improvement project (which is still undone btw) and I felt victorious.

We set a date and time. As the day approached I heard little from LP. The day came...crickets. No phone call, msg, text, nothing. I noticed he tried to justify with snapchat posts that he was stuck at work longer than he thought blah blah but really he forgot about me. How inconsiderate. I know I didn’t even know this guy but I was actually disappointed.

Manifestation #11: He never stands me up.

I never reached out about it and didn’t hear from LP again until about 2 months later when he shouted me out in an IG video post that I quickly answered.

Find out about the post, and the leading up to our first date in the next episode of updating.

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