Pep-Boys PDA

The morning came and I took my time getting ready to leave. I soaked in that beautiful tub overlooking the city and listened to music. While I was pampering myself LP took the liberty of ordering us breakfast. I loved that too. He handed me a cozy robe and put breakfast out for us. 

It was time to check out. We made our way to the car with the flat tire.

We got in the car and made our way to the Pep Boys close by. We were there for HOURS! I let him handle the crappy customer service and held in my inner Jersey Girl attitude. He talked me down, just like I did when he got the flat.

Manifestation #13 We make a good team

While we were waiting for the car to be fixed we played like kids in the store. We made out in the aises of automotive equipment and didn’t care who was watching.

Manifestation #14 We are affectionate, even in public

There was this waiting area with leather couches and we posted up on them. He pulled me onto his lap and napped while we waited for his name to be called. Finally, it was.

He grabbed my hand on our way out the door, held it on our way to the car. It was dinner time, we were in Philly, and he knew a great spot for some cheese steaks. We stopped, ate, and then started our drive home.

We were both content. The atmosphere was peaceful. He reached for my hand and kept it close to him the whole ride home. Even when he had to shift he kept hold of my hand and maneuvered the gears one handed. I’m unsure why I find that sexy. But I do.

Manifestation #15 He holds my hand

Throughout the ride we would talk, sing, or just be quiet. Nothing was uncomfortable and every once in a while he would turn his head to me and ask for a kiss. It was so sweet and I melted.

Manifestation #16 He steals random kissed for no reason.

Finally we were home and I thought I for sure this was the start of something real. Turns out we only saw each other 2 more times after that.

In the next blog learn about the quick middle and the abrupt end to LP. Plus all the dirt that I dug up when I started to feel suspicious of his motives.

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