How does this work? What do I get? How much does it cost?

When you choose a World Momination Fitness program you will be given your own unique login and password. When you log in you will be brought to a page where your download awaits. Here it will stay for you forever should you misplace the hard copy that is sent directly to your email in the form of a digital download. This download can be easily saved to your home screen or ibooks for easy access while you work out! Each of the moves is stored in this download as a video demo. Simply click the exercise you need demonstrated and boom, there it is. No guess work. No googling. No searching anywhere. It's all inside!​

Depending on your lifestyle and unique fitness goals we will set a plan of action using the tools found in the curriculum content of each course. These programs are results and progress oriented. They are GUARANTEED to fulfill your weight loss and fitness dreams when the content is applied and executed. ​It really is that simple.

What do I get?

Not only do you get the step by step, fool proof, course content and all that the curriculum has to offer, you will receive a link to a private FB Page. This is where the magic happens. Here you will find the tools you will need to get your head in the game, using science based techniques and step by step instruction to track your foods, workouts and progress. ​You will post your charts (explained in the curriculum) where I will analyze them and make changes, answer questions and suggest alternative foods, workouts and other factors pertaining to your specific lifestyle and needs. You will be able to lean on other members for tips and the advice you will need to stick with it!

Our digital tools and one of a kind World Momination incentive prizes will keep you motivated and your new found Feme Fit Fam are like none other in the World.

How much does it cost?

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  • Bikini Model Mom Program
  • 1 on 1 Private Coaching
  • ​Juicy bubbles
  • Cookbook

So, you’re having a…



·         RAPID FAT LOSS: lose 4-12lbs in 10 days!

·         ZERO guess work- daily meals and workouts planned for you!

·         SHED those last few lingering pounds or JUMPSTART your fitness journey

·         Daily accountability and support from group members AND Coach Katie

·         No shakes or pills! Scientifically proven system tailor made for busy women!

·         Money back guarantee*

Have you been staring at those coveted “skinny” jeans in your closet for WAY TOO LONG? Don’t stick them in the donation bin just yet! Did you buy your dream dress for an upcoming event, but need to drop a few pounds to feel fully confident in it? Put down the pills! Step away from the shakes! I got you, girl!

We all want rapid results, but at what cost? FITMERGENCY was created not only to shed your first or last few pounds, but to ensure you are not damaging your metabolism, psyche, or body itself. With this scientifically proven system you will lose weight and BOOST your metabolism naturally! Inspired by “peak week” (the week before a fitness competitor goes on stage to compete) this program was designed for the everywoman to get dramatic and rewarding results in just TEN days! 

*This is not a sustainable program, and is not advised to be followed for more than two weeks.


Intermitent fasting                                Carb Cycling                             HIIT


Step-by-step instructions on how to plan and track your food intake and progress: I will show you exactly how to use the food/macro tracker.

Easy to understand & detailed breakdown of the program’s science and framework

Daily Meal plan suggestions complete with recipes & shopping list

Daily workouts that can be done at home (with minimal equipment) or at the gym


You will now be a member of the WM Fam! Coach Katie, fellow participants, and program alumni will be there to motivate you and answer any questions along the way!


After completing this program you will get the confidence you craved to fit into that dream dress or that sought-after self-esteem you needed to begin a new and improved lifestyle incorporating fitness and nutrition!