Snapchat Breakup

After that night that I got back from the airport LP made a big deal about our next date. His intention was for it to be special for us. At least that’s how he made it seem in conversation and his level of excitement. He wanted to come over by me after work and we would go out to eat, drink, and dance and then he would sleep over and we would spend the next day together. Maybe go hiking or something like that. 

On the Friday that this was supposed to take place he Face Timed me on his way to work like he usually did and started telling me how he was having a bad morning. He told me he forgot his overnight bag at home on the stairs cause he was rushing or something, yada, yada.  

I thought he was just venting. I thought that meant he was either going home after work to get it before our date or he was coming without it. He never cancelled.

We even Face Timed 2 more times that day and he never cancelled. Did complain one or two more times about stupid shit but never cancelled our supposedly special night.

Approaching the hour that I was expecting him I made meatballs and gravy, had the apartment extra sparkly. Got dressed so pretty, did my hair and make up, poured myself a drink, and put on nice music.

He never showed up and never called.

I proceeded to invite a girlfriend over to get drunk. Huge success. I drank an cried a little but mostly just drank a fucking lot, and ate the whole pot of meatballs too.

The next morning LP Face Timed me like nothing ever happened. I got mad and told him off. He said he was sorry and wasn’t used to having to consider someone else and he thought alluding to his bad day was cofirmation that he wasn’t coming. He said, “I guess I’m just inconsiderate.” I hung up that FT and was still fuming. I was hurt and felt dejected so I proceeded to drunken cry in a snapchat eruption that I sent him. I called him a fraud. How he preaches to his IG and FB about positivity and giving back and being a good person blah blah. That’s when I got blocked never heard from him again.

Next entry I’ll tell you about the bizarre encounter I had with him just once after and on the very same night I met “Speedy” The man I talked about on the Wendy Williams Show!! YUP he’s up next on Up-Dating!

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