Don't just take my word for it...


8 weeks progress!


I Signed Up for the Program and Completed It.


I signed up for the program and completed it. It was my first time ever trying anything like this. I had never done weights before! When I signed up it was a stressful time in my life and I just wanted a change. I'll admit, I was very depressed. BUT THIS HELPED ME! Katie is my inspiration. Just communicating with her gives me that extra push to stay focused.


Lost 21 lbs in 8 weeks !


I love how Katie explains Everything


I love how Katie explains everything step by step and in basic English so us beginners can understand. The magazines and books are all confusing to me because they explain things as if we are all nutritional professionals who have been doing this our whole lives. I actually understand this whole process and can keep up!


15 week progress and still going!


Lost 15lbs in 8weeks


Thank You So Much, Katie!


Thank you so much, Katie! You changed my life!

Kathy,  55

Lost 13lbs in 8 weeks

Same Jeans! 4 months progress! Go Kathy, go!!

Katie, 35

Lost 30lbs in 12 weeks