The 1 Thing You Can Do Now To Gain Confidence With Weight Loss

Get Off The Scale.

There is an obsession in our culture about being lighter. There is a so much power in the number that looks back at you on the scale that you will emotionally react. That reading of your weight will make you feel some sort of way. Either happier and justified for what your are doing to lose weight is working or disappointed. With the disappointment comes a feeling of failure. The wind dies from our sails.

The real fact is dieting and exercise is hard. It's not just a physical feat. It is mental and emotional. I'm telling you, you feel that stuff in your spirit. It makes or breaks confidence. People can be all kinds of messed  up behind closed doors but your take that with you everywhere. That's what you show the world when you step out from behind those closed doors. The pressure is real. Be happy and confident in your appearance or change it.

Most of us wish we could change it and losing weight is always at the top of the list.

So you make the commitment and you have a plan and you start on Monday. Tuesday comes and your down .5! Yes! This diet rocks! At this rate you'll be losing 3.5lbs a week! Totally realistic! You're already picturing yourself in the Sexy Pirate Costume. Then Wednesday, oh...only .3. You gained .2 since yesterday. Ok, still ok. 2.1 lbs a week will at least get you into the Sexy Wench. So you keep kicking ass at the gym. You keep tracking your food and skipping beers after the game with friends and you keep eating all the protein. You keep stepping on the scale every morning doing mathematical equations till your head spins. But then the end of the week comes and it's only that .5 or worse you gained!

Bye Bye momentum, hello cheat meal. Whatever, let's make it a cheat day. Why not? It's not really working any way. Till you feel yucky again and start again the Monday after that and your fitness journey is a series of started and failed attempts. It's enough to make anyone throw in the towel.

As promised in this video, Real Life Example Shown Below!

We are doing ourselves a great injustice when we focus on weight for the proxy for looking good.

Instead, we should be saying is,  "I need to get fit."  Or even, "I need to lean out." Instead of. "I need to lose weight." If this were the case the scale number would hold no weight. No pun intended. Because fitness can not be measured in lbs and leaning is the process of gaining muscle weight while losing fat weight and the scale cant differentiate between the two.

I want to put this in real life perspective for you. This woman is a member of my World Momination Accountability Group. She has lost about 16lbs so far in 3 months. She has had her body composition tested near the beginning and then again near the 3 month mark.​

Hydro Static Body Fat Results

What These Results Look Like in Real Life

The total of the Lean Lb and Fat Lb is total body weight. So 123.15lbs of lean muscle plus 52.45 lbs of fat equals 175.6 lbs total body weight. These numbers are the 2 pictures on the right.

The second time she got the test done she weighed 127lbs of lean muscle and 46lbs of fat totaling 173 lbs. Those are the 2 pictures on the left.

This shows that she gained 3.85 lbs of lean muscle and lost 6.45 lbs of fat! Her overall body fat % dropped 3.2%!!!! But the scale only showed a loss of 2.6 lbs in 2 months. Most women would have counted themselves out as another failed attempt if all they were seeing was the scale number.

This is why progress pictures are the important part of tracking your progress and not the scale number. Those pictures show a flatter tummy and a leaner waist. A smoother back and thighs. And what about those rounded shoulder muscles?!

We may not all have the opportunity to get hydro static body fat tested regularly but we can all snap progress pictures and stay off the scale.​ Your confidence, motivation and future fit bod will thank you for it.

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I so appreciate the facts vs our scales fiction! Thank you, Katie fir educating me on the differences in weight-loss. I’m putting the scale in my car’s trunk and only bringing it out when needed. No temptation of weighing daily and messing with my mind.
Barbara mendence

    Katie Roberts - 4 years ago Reply

    Yes, Barbara! YES! It’s so important we understand what that number staring back at us REALLY means!

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