What Kind Of Tree Are You?

Are you afraid to say you need help? It's ok to be honest with yourself right now cause this isn't an interactive blog. No one will know what your answer is but you. So I'm going to ask again and I really want you to think about this. I know it will help you if you let it.

Are you ashamed or embarrassed to say that you need help in a commitment? Or maybe it's just certain things you'll ask for help with like, moving or changing a tire but other things you won't like, help losing weight or quitting an addiction.

I want to encourage you to ditch the shame and embarrassment when it comes to admitting you need help in a commitment. Especially if that commitment is life bettering, life altering, and character shifting.

​Circumstances will never be optimal for you to take that leap. Sorry to be a downer but it's just a fact.


Because you've grown as this particular person all our life. You were planted as a seed in a certain soil that you didn't get to choose. Some soil is hard where not much grows, some is really soft and filled with weeds, and others may get planted in nutrient rich ground. We don't get to choose. But we get to live.

Now consider that after whichever soil you were planted in you were then watered with a certain kind of love and exposed to a certain kind of light to make you grow. Each in proportion to your caregiver's and environment's capabilities. Enhancing certain strengths, weaknesses, and beliefs. While also subduing certain strengths and beliefs that make up your authentic self without knowing. And now you're producing your brand of fruit.

You're producing the fruit of your circumstances.

The universe knows how to feed you. How to nourish you and give you what you need to produce that certain fruit. For example, do you find yourself always dating the same kind of guy? Because the universe knows what kind of love you need to water who you are. And will always put it in your path. You see?

You aren't capable of seeing different points of view or an issue at any other angle or perspective because of this. So you will end up treating any problem in the same way. Different versions of the same way but the same, none the less. The only way you know how over and over with the same results. You NEED help. You NEED a change in perspective. You NEED to change your circumstances.

There will always be another Monday to start. There will always be another event to wait until. Some circumstance will always turn up. Blame it on the universe. But unless you push through and make the change to stand up to your circumstances and practice new consistent behaviors to bring existence to new circumstances in your life, the universe won't know how to feed you the the things you WANT instead of the things you just always get. There won't be a day that you wake up and the stars are perfectly aligned for you to make a lasting change in your life.

You need to choose. Is today the day? It is if you say so.

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