Which weight loss plan should you choose?

There's tons of info out there on how to lose weight. Honestly, too freakin' much.

I hear comments on weight loss threads like, eat less and move more! Duh, a-hole. No sh*t! But if it was that simple everyone would be doing it! If it was that simple there wouldn't be millions of trainers, coaches, techniques and programs on the subject.  

​It's not as simple as just knowing what to do. Weight loss and fitness is as much mental AND spiritual as it is physical.

​That is why it is important to learn from and be coached by someone who has been there. That's why my program works.

​While developing and personally testing Bikini Model Mom I documented my progress. Not just my physical progress, I learned how I felt and my thoughts each step. I learned through actual clinical trials what other women like us felt and thought throughout the process. I learned what worked, why it worked and when to implement the techniques and then I put in a neatly organized package to be delivered directly to you step by step. And I'll be there each one of those steps to coach you along the way.

Here are my 6 week progress photos. Much can be accomplished in 6 weeks!

​Before this program I was kicking my own ass at the gym and "eating clean." The progress I was seeing using that method left me feeling frustrated, unsatisfied, and deprived!

​This was not the kind of life I wanted to live AT ALL but I def didn't want to continue living in that old body. That's when I went all in and developed the method I teach to so many other women so they too can feel the freedom from "dieting" and experience the confidence that comes with loving the way you look.

​​Give me 6 weeks starting October 2nd and I'll change your life.

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