You’re Nuts

If you think that a fitness journey is purely physical, you're nuts!

You are totally off the mark if you think that losing weight and keeping it off is purely about your exercise and food.

I saw some idiot comment on some weight loss contraption advertisement thread that said, "Eat less and move more." I wanted to stalk his about me on FB to find out where he's from, hope he activated the location service and show up when he was at a Mc Donald's Drive thru to smack him in his face as he rolled his window down to place his order.

Eat less and work out more. HAHA! If it was that simple every one would be doing it! If it was that simple there would be no need for crazy weight loss contraptions like those rolling pins with spikes on them for cellulite or atomic gel made from volcanic ash from Mt. Iwannabeskinni that you rub on your tum and then wrap in Saran. No one would need that crap cause they would just be eating less and working out more...DUH

​You know why all those ads do so well? And why all the girls in my gyms locker room are lubing themselves up like an Irish albino getting ready for the beach? Because it's mental. Most of  the adventure is in our heads and having something other than our own self discipline to depend on makes us feel secure.

Getting in shape is not just an event. It's a process and knowing what to eat and how to move is only a third of the adventure. The other 2/3rds consist of the mind and the will.  These fitness contraptions and fad diets will not ensure success. What they will do is give you a false sense of security and something to blame when it doesn't work. Or worse yet,  you do amazeballs with the fad diet lose 20lbs only to put it back on again in 3 months.

The World Momination Fitness course  is not just a 12 week challenge although it kicks off that way. It's a program that ensures lifelong wellness longevity. It's a lifestyle class with complete training. It will change your mind and strengthen your resolve. You will find yourself making smarter choices naturally without even trying when the steps are followed. As one of my members told me today, just from participating since January she has a kind of grasp on what she's eating even when she's not tracking it and then proceeded to tell me how it's all making her the best she can be. 

And isn't that what we really want out of a "diet?" Ultimately, just to be the best we can be effortlessly. To be comfortable in our own skin and love the way we look and feel FOREVER?

The actual material in the World Momination Fitness Challenge Course will exceed the anticipation and now is the time to act.

On Monday, May 15th 2017 WMFC will raise in price. The course content will cost 97.00 and then 12.49 monthly for coaching, accountability and support.

Sign up today and stay at the group beta price of only $12.49 a month with your first 3 weeks FREE!!! Yeah, I know, nuts but that's what I said and I'm sticking to it!

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